Hidrolik-Manyetik T Frame – Kategori Sayfası

T Frame Serisi: 0.1 ve 30 A arası – AC veya DC Uygulamaları


  • AC and DC circuit breaker
  • Hydraulic-magnetic technology
  • 100% rating capability independent of ambient temperature
  • Up to two poles
  • VDE approved, CE certified
  • UL compliant (listed / recognized)
  • Ratings 0.1 to 30 A (specific certifications)
  • Precision tripping characteristics
  • Wide range of time delays
  • Two-color handle indication (two-tone flush rocker)


  • AC and DC branch circuit installations
  • Power conditioning
  • Telecom power distribution
  • Alternative energy equipment
  • UPS equipment
  • Lighting control
  • Mobile power generation equipment


The T Frame circuit breaker carries various approvals such as VDE, cURus, CSA and is CE certified. It is also recognized to UL 1077 and listed to UL 489.