Hidrolik-Manyetik DD Frame – Kategori Sayfası

DD Frame Serisi: 0.1 ve 400 A arası – AC veya DC Uygulamaları

The DD-Frame is a compact yet very powerful circuit breaker. Using hydraulic-magnetic technology which ensures that breaker performance is unaffected by ambient temperature, the CBI DD-Frame series is suitable for various applications in telecom and datacom equipment. These applications include being the main breaker for battery applications, power supplies, distribution breaker for larger loads in DC branch protection, lighting control, UPS, inverters, and DC power switching and in power distribution units (PDU). The DD-Frame is also available as a switch.

Due to its robustness and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the DD-Frame breaker is also used in military applications, railway infrastructure, railway signaling, and rolling stock, and also in renewable energy solutions for protection in combiner boxes and other battery and storage applications.

DD Frame Profili

The DD-Frame is available in various configurations and can be structured to suit specific requirements. Available in 1 to 6 poles, this robust and versatile circuit breaker comes in both AC and DC configurations with a choice of various time-delay characteristics.

Among the common configurations are the front mount standard handle and flush rocker handle options. As for the termination, metric, and imperial stud terminals, the plug-in (bullet terminal), screw, and clamp terminal configurations are available. The breaker comes with the option of an auxiliary switch and trip alarm. Customer-specific configurations, DIN rail mount, and various other options are available.

The DD-Frame compact and precision circuit breaker is made of high-quality thermoset material, which offers increased electrical and mechanical endurance. The self-cleaning mechanism of the contact actuators ensures that the circuit breaker contacts are kept clean and operate smoothly, offering a longer life span.


The DD-Frame circuit breaker is CE & CCC compliant and carries various approvals such as VDE, cURus, EAC, and CCC. It is also recognized to UL1077 and UL508 and listed to UL489 and UL489A.


The DD-Frame replaces CBI’s old version of the D-Frame, and is similar in fit and form, with enhanced features.


  • AC and DC circuit breaker
  • Hydraulic-magnetic technology
  • 100% rating capability independent of ambient temperature
  • Up to six poles
  • VDE, EAC, and CCC approved, CE certified
  • UL compliant (Listed / recognised)
  • Ratings 0.1 A to 100 Aac and 400 Adc (Specific certifications)
  • Precision tripping characteristics
  • Wide range of circuits, mountings, terminations and time delays
  • Two colour handle indication (Two tone flush rocker)
  • Optional mid-trip indication (Standard handle)
  • Optional auxiliary switch and trip alarm
  • Optional remote switching (see RAU data sheet)


  • AC and DC branch circuit installations
  • Power conditioning
  • Telecom DC and Datacom power distribution
  • Alternative energy equipment
  • UPS equipment
  • Lighting control
  • Mobile power generation equipment
  • Battery protection
  • Railway signaling and infrastructure protection

DD Frame HRC (yüksek akım değeri)

CBI-electric: low voltage has developed a higher current rated product, capable of handling current ratings up to 125 A in a single-pole and 250 A in two-pole configuration