Hidrolik-Manyetic C Frame MKIV – Kategori Sayfası

C Frame MKIV Serisi: 0.1 ve 50A arası – AC ve DC Uygulamaları

The C-Frame MKIV is the most traditional distribution and equipment protection circuit breaker and is available in 1 to 4 poles. This front-mounted circuit breaker is available for panel mounting and is available with a toggle handle and rocker handle.

The C-Frame MKIV circuit breaker is used in power distribution units, lighting control, and in other equipment.


  • AC and DC circuit breaker
  • Hydraulic-magnetic technology
  • 100% rating capability independent of ambient temperature
  • Up to four poles
  • VDE, EAC, and CCC approved, CE certified
  • UL compliant (Listed / recognised)
  • Ratings 0.1 A to 50 A (Specific certifications)
  • Precision tripping characteristics
  • Wide range of circuits, mountings, terminations and time delays
  • Two colour handle indication (two tone flush rocker)
  • Optional mid-trip indication (standard handle)
  • Optional auxiliary switch and trip alarm


  • Telecom DC Power distribution
  • UPS equipment
  • Mobile power generation equipment
  • Alternative energy equipment
  • Lighting control
  • Marine protection


The C-Frame MKIV is CE certified and carries various approvals such as VDE, cURus, EAC, and CCC. It is also recognized to UL 1077, UL 1500, and UL 508, and listed to UL 489 and UL 489A.