Elektronik Devre Kesiciler – Kategori Sayfası

Elektronik Devre Kesiciler


  • Highly accurate adjustment of current rating to give close overload protection with adjustment in steps from 100% down to 50% rating.
  • Adjustable short time delay tripping to discrimination between inrush current and short circuit currents, making the electronic breaker ideal for motor starting.
  • Long and short time delay tripping adjustment to provide selective coordination between main and branch circuit breakers, giving increased continuity of services.
  • The trip unit is not affected by change in ambient temperature with the normal operating temperature range of the circuit breaker.
  • Trip button (push to trip) for mechanically confirming the operation of auxiliary or alarm switches and the circuit breaker.
  • Electronic circuit breakers can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or on their sides. So the mounting position does not change the tripping characteristics.
  • Robust printed circuit board for long service reliability and exact repeatability of tripping characteristics.


  • Mixed Loads
  • General Distribution
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Light / heavy Industrial plants
  • Mining
  • Main feeder