CKJ5 Serisi AC Vakum Kontaktörleri – Kategori Sayfası

CKJ5 Serisi AC Vakum Kontaktörleri

Vacuum contactors use vacuum interrupter as switching elements, the main circuit moveable and stationary contacts are sealed in the vacuum where the atmospheric pressure is lower than 1*10-2 Pa. Vacuum medium has good isolation and arc extinguishing ability, so the vacuum contactor is characterized as high isolation voltage, small contact stroke, low contact wear, long life and so on.

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CKJ5 Serisi

GL Type Rated Current (A) Rated Voltage (KV) PDF
CKJ5-80/1.14 80 1.14
CKJ5-125/1.14 125 1.14
CKJ5-160/1.14 160 1.14
CKJ5-250/1.14 250 1.14
CKJ5-400/1.14 400 1.14
CKJ5-630/1.14 630 1.14