CKJ11 Serisi AC Vakum Kontaktörleri – Kategori Sayfası

CKJ11 Serisi AC Vakum Kontaktörleri

Vacuum contractors are full closed product adopting new technology, which has the characteristics of high operating voltage, small size, stability, long life, reliability, low pick-up power, low circuit resistance, easier maintenance, and so on comparing with the traditional CKJ5 contactors. CKJ11 contractors have got a national patent.

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CKJ11 Series

GL Type Rated Current (A) Rated Voltage (KV) PDF
CKJ11-160/1.5 160 1.5
CKJ11-250/1.5 250 1.5
CKJ11-400/1.5 400 1.5
CKJ11-800/1.5 800 1.5
CKJ11-3000/1.5 3000 1.5
CKJ11-500/3.6 500 3.6
CKJ11-630/3.6 630 3.6