Rotocon MXV Serisi Sliprings


Stokta kalmasa da sipariş verilebilir

2 to 14 Channels, 3500Vd, 2000 RPM

ROTOCON MXV Series High Voltage/Wireline Slip Rings

Meridian Laboratory’s Rotocon High Voltage MXV series sliprings are the perfect choice for applications operating greater than 600V, with standard and custom models available up to 5000V. The ROTOCON MXV series sliprings is commonly used in wireline logging, mining cranes, etching machines, x-ray, ultra-sonic welding, cable reels, and downhole applications. All MXV series slip rings feature the same inherent low contact resistance and zero-maintenance characteristics, inclusive to all Meridian Laboratory’s ROTOCON slip rings. Meridian Laboratory’s MXV high voltage slip ring series can accommodate Ethernet, and all other low voltage, signal and control circuits in one solution.


Voltage LevelModel #ContactsMax Current/ContactMax Current/UnitBody LengthMaximum RPM
1500VMXV-2 / 1500V218A36A2.64″2,000
MXV-3 / 1500V318A54A3.07″2,000
MXV-4 / 1500V418A72A3.50″2,000
MXV-6 / 1500V618A108A4.36″2,000
MXV-8 / 1500V818A144A5.22″2,000
MXV-10 / 1500V1010A100A6.08″2,000
MXV-12 / 1500V1210A120A6.94″2,000
MXV-14 / 1500V1410A140A7.80″2,000
Voltage LevelModel #ContactsMax Current/ContactMax Current/UnitBody LengthMaximum RPM
2500VMXV-2 / 2500V27A14A2.94″2,000
MXV-3 / 2500V37A21A3.47″2,000
MXV-4 / 2500V47A28A4.00″2,000
MXV-6 / 2500V65.5A33A5.06″2,000
MXV-8 / 2500V85.5A44A6.12″2,000
Voltage LevelModel #ContactsMax Current/ContactMax Current/UnitBody LengthMaximum RPM
3500VMXV-2 / 3500V27A14A3.24″2,000
MXV-3 / 3500V37A21A3.87″2,000
MXV-4 / 3500V47A28A4.50″2,000


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