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2 to 30 Channels, Ethernet + Power, Sealed(Up to IP-67)

ROTOCON MXO Series Capsule and Sealed Slip Rings

Meridian Laboratory’s  ROTOCON MXO Series capsule slip rings are ideal for demanding applications in wet, humid, and harsh industrial environments. By utilizing additional sealing technologies, the MXO Series is specifically designed to be unaffected by direct and indirect contact with water and other mediums (oils, detergents, and other chemicals). ROTOCON MXO Series slip rings can be specified for washdown, underwater, and dust filled applications.

The MXO Series has been the slip ring of choice for many packaging, bottling, filling, subsea, oceanographic winch, and other demanding applications where traditional slip rings fail due to condensation or dust. Meridian Laboratory’s unique design is sealed and remains unaffected by any of these types of conditions – providing uninterrupted, maintenance free slip ring performance for the most harsh environments.


ModelContactsMax Current/ContactMax Current/UnitBody LengthBody DiameterWeightRPM (Max)
MXO-2218A36A2.715″1.63″0.9 Lbs.750
MXO-4418A72A3.375″1.63″1.2 Lbs.650
MXO-6618A108A4.035″1.63″1.5 Lbs.500
MXO-8818A144A4.695″1.63″1.8 Lbs.500
MXO-101018A180A5.355″1.63″2.1 Lbs.500
MXO-121218A216A6.015″1.63″2.4 Lbs.500
MXO-161610A160A7.335″1.63″3 Lbs.400
MXO-202010A200A8.655″1.63″3.6 Lbs.400
MXO-24245.5A132A9.975″1.63″4.2 Lbs.350
MXO-30302.75A82.5A11.955″1.63″5.1 Lbs.350


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