MES-6-125PST16C Döner Mikro Enkoder


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Outer Diameter φ7.5mm, Incremental , Square Wave Output

MTL MES-6-125PST16C Micro Rotary Incremental Encoders

MTL presents the MES-6-125PST16C series rotary encoders. They all based on space-saving design
and available in many types from ultra-small types to high-resolution products…

Supply voltage DC5V ±10%
Current consumption 30mA or less (under no load)
Detection system Incremental
 Output Output pulse number(Standard) 〔Pulse number/rotation〕 2,000P/R(125×16), 2048P/R(128×16) 1,000P/R(125×8), 1,024P/R(128×8) 500P/R(125×4), 512P/R(128×4)
Output phase A, B, Z phase
Output form Square wave, open collector output
  Output capacity Output current:4mA max output voltage resistance :5.25V or less (power supply voltage or less)
Maximum response frequency (response pulse number) 100kHz
Allowable load of shaft(electrical) Radial 1.9N(200gf)
Thrust 0.98N(100gf)
Maximum allowable revolutions (mechanical) 6,000r/min
Working ambient temperature/ humidity 0℃~60℃ RH35%~90% no dewing
Storing ambient temperature -20°C~80°C
Vibration resistance Durability 55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm 2 hours each in X, Y, and Z directions
Impact resistance Durability 500m/s(2 about 50G) 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Cable Vinyl wire(AWG32) Cable length 300mm
Mass 5g

Check pdf for all details: 

MTL MES-6-125PST16C Series Rotary Encoders 
MTL Micro Encoder Selection Guide

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Ağırlık 380 g
Boyutlar 56 × 80.5 × 72.6 cm

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