MC16 / 12-USB Termal Görüntüleme Kamerası


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Thermal Camera, USB Interface


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D•MicroIR Dali Microelectronic Thermal Camera

DALI-TECH MC16/12-USB Thermal Imaging Camera with USB Interface and free programming.

Digital Video Interface USB
Cominication Control USB
Sensor Type Uncooled IR array sensor
Array size 160×120/120×120
Pixel pitch 25μm
Spectral response 8μm14μm
Thermal sensitivity(NETD) ≤80mK
Image Frame rate ≤12Hz
Digital zoom X1X2X4X8
Nonuniformity correction Automatic after power on
Temperature compensation Automatic after power on
Shutter-less Shutter-less operation available for non-thermometric module
Center point Radiometric Optional(center point,highest/lowest in full image
Measurement range -20 +100(extendable to +300)
Supply voltage DC 5V with USB
Power Consumption ≤0.85W
Lens Yes

Check pdf for all details: 

MC16/12-USB Thermal Imaging Camera/Sensor

We are committed to providing low-cost thermal imaging products and solutions for imaging thermography, short-range surveillance, fire prevention, equipment monitoring, process control, and consumer electronics.

DALI-TECH MC16/12-USB Thermal Imaging Camera


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