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Single-channel, up to 6000A,  up to 3,000 rpm, 70˚C, IP67

ROTOCON MC Series 1-Pole High Current Slipring (Rotary Ground Clamp)

Meridian Laboratory’s full lineup of single contact, high current rotary ground clamps provide a consistent, maintenance-free contact unaffected by RPM or total number of revolutions. Contrary to conventional brushed rotary grounds, Meridian Laboratory’s MC & MCT Series are arc-free, do not have internal friction, and do not require greasing or any type of maintenance. All single contact, high current ROTOCON MC & MCT Series rotary grounds are built with environmentally sealed and corrosion proof housings to ensure a long service life without maintenance.

RPM Model dependent, see model specifications below*
MOUNTING End of shaft with threaded stud or flange, or with set screws onto shaft (through-hole MCT Series)
HOUSING 304 Stainless steel
TERMINATIONS Cable lug over threaded shaft, supplied with hardware and crush washers – flanges optional
OPERATION Can be operated in any direction or orientation
MAINTENANCE Features permanently lubricated bearings, brush-free design requires no user maintenance
AMPERAGE Model dependent, see specifications chart – 100% overload allowed for <60 seconds
FREQUENCY DC to 1GHz – Contact Meridian Laboratory for ampacity ratings at higher frequencies
ROTATING CONTACT RESISTANCE Same as stationary contact resistance (<0.1mΩ)
OPERATION Intrinsically immune to internal arcing

Model Max Current (Continuous) Total Length Body Length Diameter Stud Size/Thread Weight RPM (Continuous / Momentary)
MC-250 250A 4.50″ 2.00″ 1.63″ 3/8″-16 1.3 Lbs. 1,750 / 3,000
MC-500 500A 5.25″ 2.31″ 2.00″ 9/16″-12 2.3 Lbs. 1,250 / 2,500
MC-750 750A 6.62″ 2.62″ 2.50″ 3/4″-10 4 Lbs. 750 / 1,500
MC-1000 1000A 8.62″ 3.62″ 3.00″ 1″-8 15 Lbs. 500 / 1,000
MC-2000 2000A 14.5″ 6.25″ 4.50″ 1-1/2″-6 32 Lbs. 350 / 500
MC2F-3000 3000A 10.00″ 6.375″ 5.00″ Flange Mount 48 Lbs. 250 / 450
MC-6000 6000A 20.97″ 8.41″ 6.00″ 2″-4.5 84 Lbs. 250 / 450


Check pdf for all details: 

ROTOCON MC Series High Current Rotary Ground Clamp 

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