MAS-18 Döner Mikro Enkoder


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Outer Diameter φ25mm, Absolute

MTL MAS-18 Micro Rotary Incremental Encoders

MTL presents the MAS-18 series rotary encoders. They all based on space-saving design
and available in many types from ultra-small types to high-resolution products…


Supply voltage DC5V ±5%
Current consumption 100mA or less(under no load)
Resolution 32,768(15bit), 65,536(16bit)
131,072(17bit), 262,144(18bit)
Allowable revolutions 6000r/min
Allowable load of shaft(electrical) Radial 1.9N(200gf)
Thrust 1.9N(200gf)
Working temperature/humidity -10°C~+70°C/RH35%~90%
Storage temperature -20°C~+80°C
Vibration resistance Durability 55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm 2 hours each in X, Y, and Z directions
Impact resistance Durability 500m/s^2( about 50G) 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Cable Outside diameter φ3-8-core vinyl wire Insulated shield cable AWG30(length 0.5m)
Data formats RS422 SSI Point To Point
Mass 30g


Decoder Specifications
Supply voltage DC5V ±5%
Current consumption 60mA or less( 160mA or less including encoder)
Parallel data update cycle 60μS(16.7kHz)
Output circuit NPN open collector output(when using parallel output)
Output capacity Sink current 20mA max. Load voltage 35V max.
Residual voltage 0.4 or less
Logic Negative logic (H = 0 , L=1)
Connection Power supply and parallel signal output by P=2.54 header pins( see diagram below)


Check pdf for all details: 

MTL MAS-18 Series Rotary Encoders 


MTL Micro Encoder Selection Guide

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Ağırlık 380 g
Boyutlar 56 × 80.5 × 72.6 cm

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