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5000 PSI(345 BAR), 50 RPM, 30 HG, 0° F to 220° F (-18° C to 105° C)

DSTI HVH Series Rotary Unions & Joints

The DSTI HVH Series multiple passage rotary unions are available in 3, 4, 6 and 8 passage models. Designed for applications requiring high flow volume, the HVH Series have larger diameter flow passages suitable for vacuum & bidirectional pressures up to 5000 PSI [345 BAR].

HVH-3531[HVHM-3531]#12 SAE[G3/4″-14 BSPP]0.750″[19.05 mm]6.438″[163.526 mm]9.550″[242.57 mm]0.750″[19.05 mm]50 ft-lbs[67.79 Nm]
HVH-3631[HVHM-3631]#16 SAE[G1″-11 BSPP]0.875″[22.225 mm]6.438″[163.526 mm]10.303″[261.697 mm]0.750″[19.05 mm]50 ft-lbs[67.79 Nm]
HVH-3731[HVHM-3731]#20 SAE[G1-1/4″-11 BSPP]1.250″[31.75 mm]7.438″[188.926 mm]11.370″[288.799 mm]0.750″[19.05 mm]150 ft-lbs[203.37 Nm]
HVH-3831[HVHM-3831]#24 SAE[G1-1/2″-11 BSPP]1.500″[38.1 mm]8.938″[227.026 mm]12.293″[312.243 mm]0.750″[19.05 mm]150 ft-lbs[203.37 Nm]
HVH-3541[HVHM-3541]#12 SAE[G3/4″-14 BSPP]0.750″[19.05 mm]6.438″[163.526 mm]11.283″[286.589 mm]0.750″[19.05 mm]50 ft-lbs[67.79 Nm]
HVH-3641[HVHM-3641]#16 SAE[G1″-11 BSPP]0.875″[22.225 mm]6.438″[163.526 mm]12.283″[311.989 mm]0.750″[19.05 mm]50 ft-lbs[67.79 Nm]
HVH-3741[HVHM-3741]#20 SAE[G1-1/4″-11 BSPP]1.250″[31.75 mm]7.438″[188.926 mm]13.664″[347.066 mm]0.750″[19.05 mm]150 ft-lbs[203.37 Nm]
HVH-3841[HVHM-3841]#24 SAE[G1-1/2″-11 BSPP]1.500″[38.1 mm]8.938″[227.026 mm]14.878″[377.902 mm]0.750″[19.05 mm]150 ft-lbs[203.37 Nm]
HVH-3561[HVHM-3561]#12 SAE[G3/4″-14 BSPP]0.750″[19.05 mm]6.938″[176.226 mm]14.743″[374.473 mm]1.000″[25.4 mm]100 ft-lbs[135.58 Nm]
HVH-3661[HVHM-3661]#16 SAE[G1″-11 BSPP]0.875″[22.225 mm]7.438″[188.926 mm]16.243″[412.573 mm]1.000″[25.4 mm]150 ft-lbs[203.37 Nm]
HVH-3761[HVHM-3761]#20 SAE[G1-1/4″-11 BSPP]1.250″[31.75 mm]8.938″[227.026 mm]18.652″[473.762 mm]1.000″[25.4 mm]150 ft-lbs[203.37 Nm]
HVH-3861[HVHM-3861]#24 SAE[G1-1/2″-11 BSPP]1.500″[38.1 mm]10.938″[277.826 mm]20.104″[510.643 mm]1.000″[25.4 mm]200 ft-lbs[271.16 Nm]
HVH-3581[HVHM-3581]#12 SAE[G3/4″-14 BSPP]0.750″[19.05 mm]8.938″[227.026 mm]18.828″[478.232 mm]1.000″[25.4 mm]150 ft-lbs[203.37 Nm]
HVH-3681[HVHM-3681]#16 SAE[G1″-11 BSPP]0.875″[22.225 mm]8.938″[227.026 mm]20.859″[529.82 mm]1.000″[25.4 mm]150 ft-lbs[203.37 Nm]
HVH-3781[HVHM-3781]#20 SAE[G1-1/4″-11 BSPP]1.250″[31.75 mm]12.375″[314.326 mm]23.340″[592.837 mm]1.000″[25.4 mm]250 ft-lbs[338.95 Nm]
HVH-3881[HVHM-3881]#24 SAE[G1-1/2″-11 BSPP]1.500″[38.1 mm]12.375″[314.326 mm]25.276″[642.012 mm]1.000″[25.4 mm]250 ft-lbs[338.95 Nm]


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DSTI HVH Series Rotary Unions & Joints 

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