HDSTS-Mx Ağır Hizmet Tipi Tek Terminalli Saplamalar


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DC Heavy Duty Studs,48Vdc


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HDSTS-Mx Heavy-Duty Single Terminal Studs

Allow terminating of heavy-duty cables for one or more connections Red or Black colors allowing easy and clear color coding for wiring Glass Fiber reinforced Nylon base ensures great mechanical strength and durability Heavy duty terminal studs (up to M10) Insulated base ensures no leakage to metal hulls (New Feature).


Product IDStud SizeA.Height(mm)Max Operational VoltageMax Amp Per Circuit
HDSTS-M62 x M6 (1/4″)32.548 VdcDetermined by the wires connected
HDSTS-M82 x M8 (5/16″)32.548VdcDetermined by the wires connected
HDST-M102 x M10 (3/8″)32.548VdcDetermined by the wires connected

Order example, Please place the order like: HDSTS-M8 with 2 x M6 (1/4″),32.5mm,48 Vdc

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