FM40 Ignition Coil

Designed for Smaller Spark Ignited Engines

Gill FM40 Ignition Coil is a low-cost solution for smaller spark ignited engines, particularly suited for normally aspirated, stoichiometric fueled gas engines up to approximately 1.5 liters (90 cubic inches) per cylinder.

The FM40 ignition coil is designed to function with Gill Sensors & Controls inductive igniters providing the long programmable spark duration required for clean burning internal combustion engines

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for smaller spark ignited engines
  • For normally aspirated, stoichiometric gas engines up to 1.5 liters (90 cubic inches) per cylinder
  • Long programmable spark duration
Primary Resistance 0.75 ohms nominal
Primary Inductance 3.5mH
Peak Current 7.5Amps
Typical Spark Duration 750µ Seconds
Spark Energy >40mJ
Secondary Voltage 30KV max
LT Connections 6.35mm spade terminals or Deutsch connector
HT Connections SAE Post
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Gill SC FM40-Ignition Coil