Advanced Spark Diagnostics Software

Software Compatible with GS8 and GS12 Modules


Gill Advanced Spark Diagnostics Software

Available as an optional extra on the GS8 and GS12 Ignition Modules, Advanced Spark Diagnostics allows the user to monitor the condition of the high-tension voltage supplied to the spark plugs.

With this technology it is now possible to monitor the health of the HT leads and the spark plugs on an engine with up to 24 cylinders (GS12) and output an error condition when the measured value falls outside the set limits. One cylinder per engine cycle is measured, providing real-time engine condition data, which can be viewed using our advanced Spark Monitor software that provides tabular data, or our SparkView software that displays the spark traces graphically.

Easy to use and cost effective, this technology can enable users to remotely monitor engine condition, and allow them to adjust their service intervals, as and when spark plugs need changing out, reducing the frequency of these visits.

With Advanced Spark Diagnostics, you can benefit from this technology if you are monitoring your engine remotely. You can set maximum and minimum spark voltage and duration into the Gill software, so when the measurements fall outside of the parameters, an error code can be outputted into your remote monitoring equipment. This enables you to actively manage your engine service intervals, potentially reducing your service costs.

  • Monitor health of the HT leads and the spark plugs on an engine with up to 24 cylinders
  • Error condition output when value falls outside set limits
  • Real-time engine condition data displayed graphically or in a table
  • Increase service intervals by only changing spark plugs as and when required

Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with GS8 and GS12 ignition modules
  • Remotely monitor engine condition
  • Real-time engine condition data
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Gill SC Advanced Spark Diagnostic Software