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15kV, 50A, SPDT (NO+NC),



Gigavac G2 15kV SPDT (NO+NC) High Voltage Relay

Gigavac G2 Single Pole Double Throw, SPDT Relay offer a normally open and a normally closed contact set in one relay.Low stable contact resistance for high carry current and low voltage drop.Low loss in RF circuits.Mounting options in any axis.Solder or convenient threaded HV connections.

Main Contact SPDT (Form C)
Coil Voltage 12Vdc,26.5Vdc,115Vdc
Contact Material molybdenum/copper
Dielectric Vacuum
Contact Voltage, Operating Max
dc or 60 hz 15kV
2.5Mhz 12kV
16 Mhz 9kV
32 Mhz 7kV
Current, Continuous Carry Max
dc or 60 hz 50A
2.5Mhz 30A
16 Mhz 17A
32 Mhz 10A
Temperature Ambient Operating -55 to +125°C
Life, Mechanical 1 million cycles

Product Selection Table


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High Voltage/ Power Terminal Connections S = Solder Pot     W = Screw
Mounting P = Through
F = Flange
Coil Voltage* Blank = 26.5 Vdc
-12Vdc = 12Vdc
-115Vdc = 115Vdc

Order Code Example: G2SF-12Vdc, Solder Pot Flange,12Vdc

Check pdf for all details: 

GIGAVAC G2 High Voltage Relay

For other products please check product selection table: SPDT Relays HV Relays

Gigavac G41C-334

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