E-TRAK Elektrik Sistem Monitörü


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CAN, Up to 6ooA, Battery Conditions 



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GIGAVAC E-TRAK Electrical System Monitor

GIGAVAC is pleased to introduce the E-Trak Electrical System Monitor for condition based maintenance. The E-Trak system is designed to reduce maintenance cost by continuously monitoring key aspects of the vehicle’s electrical system and alerting the user of maintenance requirements. E-Trak monitors the batteries, the starter cycle, the alternator and cables. Can be combined with contactor/relay for automatic disconnect functionality.

Functions / Electrical System Monitor

Battery Conditions State of Health (SOH) and State of Charge (SOC)
Abnormal Current Parasitic loads
Starter Prognosis Power and Energy Profile, Trend Analysis, Cycle Count and Total Time
Cables Abnormally high voltage drop of Battery/Alternator/Starter due to Corrosion or Loose Connections
Alternator Over/Under charging and Abnormal Waveform
Alert Indicator Red LED
Condition Based Maintenance Reduced Cost versus schedule based maintenance
Stand by Current Under 15mA at 12V and 24V

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Gigavac E-Trak Electrical System Monitor


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