Bağlantı Bağlantılı DTSCL Çift Terminalli Saplamalar


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Dual DC Heavy Duty Studs with Connecting Link, 48Vdc, 80A


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DTSCL Dual Terminal Studs with Connecting Link

Dual Terminal Studs with options of different studs’ sizes. Removable Isolating Plate. Current up to 80A.


Product ID Stud Size A.Height(mm) Max Operational Voltage Max Amp Per Circuit
DTSCL-M8 2 x M8 (5/16″) 32.5 48 Vdc Determined by the wires connected
DTSCL-M10 2 x M10 (3/8″) 37.5 48Vdc Determined by the wires connected
DTSCL-MXX 1xM8 (5/16″)+ 1xM10 (3/8″) 37.5 48Vdc Determined by the wires connected

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Order example, Please place the order like: DTSCL-M8 with 2 x M8 (5/16″),32.5mm,48 Vdc

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