1356 Çift Çıkış Pozisyon Sensörü


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1356 Dual Output Position Sensors

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Gill 1356 Dual Output Position Sensor

Gill 1356 Dual Output Position Sensor is a unique non-contact sensor. This sensor can precisely and repeatedly measure either the linear or rotary position of a metallic activator. The output characteristics of the sensor are determined by the shape and material of the activator. This activator moves within two sensor cavities and produces a signal relative to its position. This position sensor is light, compact, and durable. With these features, a wide variety of mounting and wiring options are offered to provide simple integration and installation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual channel output
  • Linear or rotary measurement
  • Non-contact, two-part design
  • No moving sensor parts
  • Unlimited mechanical life
Measurement Range Linear Range governed by activator shape, Rotary +/- 45°
Output Voltage Analogue 0-4.2 Vdc
Accuracy +/- 3% over full temperature range
Resolution 10 Bit
Sample Rate 1KHz
Supply Voltage +6 to +32Vdc
Supply Current <10mA
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C (Standard)
Ingress Protection IP67

1356 Çift Çıkış Pozisyon Sensörü


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