US-602 Serisi Termostat

Kategori : Termostatlar
Marka : Asahi Keiki
Sipariş Kodu : R0X11-604
Ürün Adı : US-602 Serisi Termostat
US-602 Serisi Termostat
Asahi Keiki - Termostat Serileri
Products registered in the electric apparatus parts/materials registration system, gas certificate products UL, CSA, VDE, EN60730 or CCEE certified products.
- General-purpose low cost, compact, large capacity (S type), minute current (K type)
- Electronic oven, heating unit, water heater, etc.


Electrical ratings

S type:

125 VAC, max. 15A, resistance load

250 VAC, max. 8A, resistance load

K type:

30 VDC, max. 1A, resistance load

120 VAC, 125 VA (pilot duty)

Temperature setting range

One-point temperature setting from 0 to 150°C



Temperature tolerance

Operating temperature ±4°C/return temperature ±7°C

Circuit resistance (initial value)

50 mΩ or less

Insulation resistance

100 MΩ or greater [through the 500 VDC megger]

Withstand voltage

S type:

1,500 VAC/minute

K type:

1,200 VAC/minute

Thermal resistance


Cold resistance


Opening-closing durability

10,000 times or more [under rated load]



US-602 Series Thermostats