Temperature Controllers Resistron RES 402

Kategori : Sıcaklık Kontrolörleri
Marka : Ropex
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Ürün Adı : Temperature Controllers Resistron RES 402

Temperature Controllers Resistron RES 402 

Ropex : Operating Instructions Temperature Controllers Series


Important features
- Microprocessor technology
- Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL)
- Automatic optimization (AUTOTUNE)
- Automatic configuration of the secondary voltage and current ranges
- Automatic frequency adjustment
- Temperature range: 300°C
- Large current and voltage range
- Electrically isolated analog input for set point selection with potentiometer or 0…10VDC
- Electrically isolated 0…10VDC analog output for ACTUAL temperature
- 24VDC control signals for START, AUTOCAL and RESET with electrical isolation
- Alarm function