PP1037-2 (5257) Crane anti Collision Devices

Kategori : Endüstriyel Işık Bariyerleri
Marka : Fotoelektrik Pauly
Sipariş Kodu :
Ürün Adı : PP1037-2 (5257) Crane anti Collision Devices
Fotoelektrik Pauly - Crane anti Collision Devices
PP1037/2 (5257)
Working Range: 0,5 up to 45 m
Housing: Al-Cast
Dimensions (WxHxD): appr. 80 x 220 x 120
Protection Mode: IP 65
Connection Mode: Terminal Block or Plug and Socket Connection
Transmitting Light: LED 880 nm, invisible
Power Supply: 230 VAC / 10 VA other voltages on request
Signal Mode: dark-switching
Control Output: Relay, je 2 x NC and 1 x NO, supervised and forceguided
Display: 2 LED's green (Switch Indicator)
Ambient Temperature: - 25°C... + 60°C
Special Features/Options  
-DIANA (Level Indicator)
-Not for new development, please use follow-up model CPV1037 (#5259)!