M12 Connector Industrial Accelerometer - Top Entry

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Ürün Adı : M12 Connector Industrial Accelerometer - Top Entry

M12 Connector Industrial Accelerometer - Top Entry

Hansford Sensors :  HS-120 Series Series Vibration Sensor


-100mV/g (other sensitivities available)

-Various mountings

-Sealed to IP67

-Low cost cable assembly


AC 100mV/g Industrial Accelerometers


Standard AC 100mV/g vibration accelerometers for use with data collectors or online systems using two-wire constant current method of drive. Also available in sensitivities of 10mV/g, 30mV/g, 50mV/g, 250mV/g or 500mV/g.


Typical Applications


-Proven use in vibration monitoring for offline applications using commercially available data collectors and online monitoring systems in the fields of Building Services, Civil Engineering, Paper and Pulp, Mining, Metals Manufacture, Utilities, Automotive, Water and Waste Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, etc.


-Protecting.. Fans, Motors, Pumps, Compressors, Centrifuges, Conveyers, Air Handlers,Gearboxes, Rolls, Dryers, Presses,Cooling, HVAC, Spindles, Machine Tooling,Process Equipment and many more.




M12 Connector Industrial Accelerometer