Industrial Footpedal Model 110

Kategori : Endüstriyel Ayak Pedalları
Marka : P-Q Controls
Sipariş Kodu : R0X11-810
Ürün Adı : Industrial Footpedal Model 110

Industrial Footpedal Model 110

P-Q Controls : Industrial Joystick and Industrial Control Manufacturer

Footpedal The Model 110 Footpedal is a heavy duty single axis proportional control, used in an array of industrial markets. This unit has proven itself as an industry leader in foot pedal technology, with decades of use in the field from high-end OEM companies.


-Contactless Hall Effect Outputs - Eliminates the wiping contacts of potentiometric joysticks to provide an extremely hi-cycling product
-Identical mounting pattern to hydraulic pilot foot pedals made by U.S. and European manufacturers - Permits design interchangeabilty
-Auxiliary Outputs can be used as mechanical switches where on/off "switched" output is required (outputs ~Vsupply) 
-Rugged, weather resistant design and construction
-Bi-Directional or Uni-Directional Options - Gives the vehicle designer a choice of control options.



                 Supply Voltage

5-60 VDC (determined by electrical option)

                 Proportional Output

See datasheet

                 Hydraulic Valve/Solenoid Control *

See optional Valve Drive Boards

                 Auxiliary ("Switched") Outputs*

2.5 amps 
Activates @ out-of-neutral (20% Deadband)



Reverse Polarity, Over-Voltage, Open/Shorted Signal Leads, EMI/RFI Hardened, Transient Voltage Supply





                 Operating Temperature

-40 - 85 degrees (C)

                 IP Protection (SMD Circuitry)

IP67 (Sealed in Potting Encapsulant)**

                 Weather Resistance

Humidity, Water/Rain, Sun/UV Exposure


Engine Oil, Coolant, Phosphate Cleaners