Electronics MCB900

Kategori : Endüstriyel Joystickler
Marka : P-Q Controls
Sipariş Kodu : R0X11-806
Ürün Adı : Electronics MCB900

Electronics MCB900

P-Q Controls : Industrial Joystick and Industrial Control Manufacturer

The MCB900 is an input controller board primarily used in CANbus or wireless communication of handheld controllers. This board comes with an optional spread spectrum wireless radio transceiver. Other transmitting options include a fiber optic cable configuration and a hardwire conductor configuration.

-Supports additional input options for an LCD display, Backlight/Contrast adjustments, and a 6-  button keypad.
-Small, compact package suitable for mobile or handheld controllers
-Optional wireless transmitter for long range mobile control (up to 7 mile range in open outdoor  conditions)



                 Supply Voltage

 9 - 15 VDC

                 Analog Inputs

 8 proportional (0 - 5 VDC)

                 Digital Inputs

 12 on/off (12 VDC)

                 Signal Trasmission

 Radio Transmitter (900mHz to 2.4 GHz  options), fiber
 optic cable, or hardwire.



 Reverse Polarity, Over-Voltage, Open/Shorted  Signal Leads, EMI/RFI Hardened, Transient  Voltage Supply




                 Operating Temperature

 -40 - 85 degrees (C)


 Sealed Epoxy Potting (black)


 Humidity, Water/Rain, Sun/UV Exposure