CPC-LM-PB Serisi Lineer Servo Motorlar

Kategori : Servo Motorlar
Marka : Anaheim Automation
Sipariş Kodu : R0X11-551
Ürün Adı : CPC-LM-PB Serisi Lineer Servo Motorlar
CPC-LM-PB Serisi Lineer Servo Motorlar / 87mm Assembly Height
Anaheim Automation - Lineer Servo Motorlar

Anaheim Automation and Chieftek Precision Co. (CPC) join together to offer a quality line of Linear Servo Motors for applications that require high speed and high performance. The linear servo design keeps it apart from its competition with overlapping windings creating higher power density in a compact package. The linear servo motor features the "I Beam" design with an enlarged contact surface for improved heat transfer and thermal efficiency. Perfect for clean room environments, the linear servo motors lack the need for lubrication resulting in a maintenance-free system. The motors are great for applications requiring a rigid, direct drive, and fully closed loop system.


CPC-LM-PB Coil Assembly

The CPC-LM-PB Coil Assembly and CPC-LM-SB Magnetic Way work together to create an efficient high performing linear servo motor for today's industrial applications. With coil assembly lengths of 144mm and 264mm, this compact product offers continuous power of up to 113.4 Watts and a continuous force of up to 151.6N. The CPC-LM-PB Coil Assembly also features a force constant of 50.4, 12.6, or 100.8. The linear servo motor is ideal for applications requiring superior thermal efficiency, high speed, and high precision.


Linear Servo Motors - CPC-LM-PB Coil Assembly
*Please click on the series number for a complete part number.
Series # Peak
(N/sq rt W)
CPC-LM-PB1 303 907 24 12.3 -
CPC-LM-PB2 150 684 16 5.78 80
CPC-LM-PB3 224 1060 16 7.02 110
CPC-LM-PB4 300 1517 33.6 7.73 140
CPC-LM-PB5 368 1759 32 8.8 170
CPC-LM-PB6 450 2073 32 9.9 200
CPC-LM-PB8 600 1548 64 10.91 260


CPC-LM-PB Magnetic Way

The CPC-LM-SB Magnetic Way is offered in sizes of 120mm, 300mm, and 480mm that can be joined together to your specific length. The I Beam design features a greater structural stiffness and provides for a larger contact surface for better heat transfer. One stator can operate multiple rotors independently providing a framework designed for a simple solution. High speed, high efficiency, and high precision make choosing the CPC-LM-PB for a linear servo motor the right one.


Linear Servo Motors - CPC-LM-PB Magnetic Way
*Please click on the series number for a complete part number.
Series # Length
CPC-LM-SB 120, 300, 480 34